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Our sustainability measures start right from the fabric we purchase. Though some of the industry sectors we work in, such as defence, healthcare, engineering, fire & manufacturing specifically do not allow us to procure sustainable made fabrics ; we try and maintain an overall balance by compensating on the sustainably made fabrics we procure for industries that have the space for it , such as hospitality, entertainment, sports and fashion.  Other than this, we invest in progressive product design to make sustainable workwear clothing & push companies and clients to adhere to our rental services, saving on adding extra burden to the environment.


Aiming to instil the idea of sustainability in safety clothing and workwear industry, is a big, big goal to achieve. And we have stepped out with small steps in that direction with certain measures and practices we have been adhering to, since we started our company back in 2011.


A zero-waste policy in our factory premises is the backbone of the sustainable clothing drive we have. Re-using the fabric waste cuttings wherever we can and up-cycling leftover & scrap fabrics to make for sustainable fashion & homeware line with our sister brands dont.Waste.denim™ & Urban Darzi enables us to create a circular economy and care for the environment while bringing our clients the best of safety clothing in India & abroad.

Adhering to ethical and fair trade practices is also something we have strict policies on. Both skilled and un-skilled tailors and workers are paid well above the minimum wages advised by the Government of India in the clothing manufacturing trade. 


Our sustainability goals by 2025 is to achieve a 70 percent sustainable and eco friendly fabric inventory and continue the zero waste policies we have, to even larger effect where we can carry on a sustainability drive and install in both our employees and clients alike, to understand the value of environment friendly clothing, openly & actively achieve that, even in safety and industrial clothing sector, which has never been done before. 

To achieve this, we are constantly striving to innovate and develop new fabrics with association with major tech clothing manufacturers across Europe & develop 3D printed accessories and materials that go into clothing manufacturing business.

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