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In a factory premises with around 150 personnel (including daily wage workers) we have a 75% women workforce and we take pride in that.


Women empowerment and social upliftment has been a core agenda of our co-founders with one of them being a woman herself.


Most of these women come from backward classes and have families & kids in need of support - which we provide by taking responsibility for those kids and their well being.


With ethical and fair trade practices in place already, we also house some of our male workers without proper homes, within the staff quarters at our factory itself and provide them with food and lodging.


Part of our proceeds under our sister brands don’t.waste.denim™ & Urban Darzi go as support to these women as aid for their families and to send their kids to grassroots schools.


We have a tie up with a NGO called ‘Parivartan’ (translates into ‘change’) in our city, Kanpur where we assist them in feeding the impoverished and the needful. We also have a collaboration with an ethical trading company called WeCare, who also take half their proceeds and use it for women upliftment in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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